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BESALA is a non-stock, non-profit corporation engaged in the business of accumulating the savings of its members and using these accumulations for loans to its members and has been in operation since August 31, 1989. BESALA services the financial needs of its members by providing short-term and medium-term loans. It is authorized to engage in the operation of a non-stock savings and loan association under R.A. 8367, otherwise known as the “Savings and Loan Association Act”. It encourages frugality, extends loans to, and distributes its earnings to its members in the form of dividends.



VISION To become one of the leading non-bank financial institutions in the country offering the best financial benefits to its members with continued and steady capital and revenue growth on a year-on-year basis.

MISSION We shall assist our members with their financial needs by providing them affordable loan facilities and help them save their money with high rate of return. We shall serve them along with systematic procedures and processes that will eventually bring satisfaction to the members.


The People behind the success of BESALA

Ma. Carmen Limjap Reformado

President / CEO

Mario B. Santos

VP - Treasurer

Maybelene C. Brofar

VP – Operations Manager

Manuel J. Agdon Jr.

VP – Corporate Secretary & Special Projects

Atty. Amor G. Perdigon

VP – General Counsel 

Azucena F. Gutierrez

AVP-Chief Accountant

Jeffrey D. Simagala

Compliance Officer /
Internal Auditor 

Maybelle C. Maninang

Account Analyst

Benedicto S. Velasquez Jr.

Account Analyst

Rapunzel R. Navelgas

Account Analyst

Cherryl Anne I. De Casa

Account Analyst

Minerva R. Batuhinog

Loan Processor

Jyrel C. Ruego

Disbursement Processor

Bernardo C. Bautista

Liaison Officer


7TH Floor, ACE Building, Dela Rosa corner Rada Street
Legaspi Village, Makati City 


Email: info @             
Phone: 892-4146; 752-4546;
              752-4547; 841-0579


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